Judas Yorick

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Jester Yorick was salivating at the chance to get his hands on Buddy Roberts Jr., ally of that "loud mouth" wrestler, Justin Reno. Knowledge of that friendship was all the incentive he needed to stir his violent impulses.

Yorick was visibly enraged when Roberts showed up with The Father of Destruction, his manager for the night (and what would become his last appearance in professional wrestling ever) Paul Bearer -- famously known as The Undertaker's manager. Did they think that would scare him? They brought a casket. They didn't know Yorick has a thing for caskets. Their mistake.

The wrestlers ran blindly at each other, displaying all the fury of a friendship torn apart. Each man had hate in his eyes, but Jester had a plan. First he wanted to enjoy the pain. And that's how the match started out. Taking the fight to the outside, Jester grinned as he was body slammed onto the steel bleachers before the fight found it's way back into the ring. At which point Jester began to reveal his tricks.

He delivered several knees to the body and head of Buddy Roberts Jr. before revealing steel chains in both of his knee pads. Jester was having fun. He recounts watching the welts form on the back of Roberts as he continued to whip him with his belt, forgetting the casket was even there because he was finally feeding the voices and didn't want that feeling to stop.

Yorick states that he only made one mistake that night. That he dropped his skull, his constant companion. His powers may have been waning because the skull failed to meet its target, allowing Roberts to turn the tables. No matter. Yorick cackled at the thought of it as he took to the casket once again. Did he drop it on purpose? Did the brutality of this match faze him in the least? Will the crowd's venomous approval only serve to spur him on?

Time will tell.

R.I.P. Paul Bearer

Photo: By shstrng (Percy) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons